Home Sweet Home


After 25 nights in the hotel we have finally moved into our own place. Unpacking our suitcases felt a little bit like Christmas. I didn’t remember all that I had packed. I am pretty sure I brought along too many sweaters. We spent the afternoon unpacking and organizing, grocery shopping and laundry. It was so nice to make dinner in our kitchen. Honestly by the end of the day I was so tired I really wanted to just walk to a restaurant, but we made spaghetti and enjoyed a home cooked meal for the first time in a while.

This morning we spent a really long time in our pajamas, casually eating breakfast, playing card games and watching the Olympics. It was a very quiet, slow morning. After lunch we took a walk around the neighborhood to see what was around us. I was really surprised to see how many great shops are really close to us. We have several small grocery options right around the corner, several bakery/coffee shops, a bookstore, a fruit and vegetable store, wine & cheese shop, a butcher, a dry cleaner, a drug store, a home and garden store (think Home Depot without the lumber and power tools), and many restaurants. We a few parks  nearby. We are in a great location. Just in case we get a strong craving for Twizzlers or Pop Tarts, which are hard to find here, we also have the American Food Store close by.

We are finding ourselves settling in well. It has been a process getting to this point, but we are here and now we can develop our routines and try to make connections. The guest room is open and ready for visitors anytime!