BigZabba’s Blog

BigZabba’s Blog

I think I want everyone to know that I love them in my Mr Potato bones. Cows are my favorite from Mr. Wepsly (her leapster game). I went to Mommy and Me today. I played in the sand box and made a sand castle. I played Hullabaloo and ate lunch. We played in my room. I think I just kinda don’t know what else to say. I think I want to say a funny thing. I think I want to say bye. I think I am all done doing my log. Now I want to play some games.

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  1. BigZabba: I have never been to Mommy and Me. What do you do when you go there? Does LittleZabba go with you too?

  2. It is basically a parent education class. The first 90 minutes is time to interact with your child in different activities with the class teacher, (story, art, small lesson) and the last 90 minutes is an adult discussion about different topics; schools, discipline, parenting styles, etc. The kids are playing outside with each other with the class aids during the discussion time. It is fun for us both!

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