Talk Talk Talk and other stuff

Talk Talk Talk and other stuff

BigZabba says the funniest things. Last night this is how things went…she was getting ready for bed. She normally likes to wear socks to bed but tonight she decided that she didn’t want socks. So after the bed time routine was done, it was good night and off to sleep. About 20 minutes later we hear this sad whimper coming from her room, which was soon followed by a loud cry. Here is how the conversation went:

Mom: “BigZabba, what is wrong?!”
BigZabba: “Mommy, I want socks!”
Mom: “Oh, ok. You don’t need to get so upset. We can get some socks.”
Here was another set of good-nights, kisses and hugs..etc. I went downstairs.
2 minutes later…sobs echo down the stairs. What could be wrong now?
Mom: “BigZabba what is going on now?”
BigZabba: said in the most “drama queen” voice, “I am itchy!”
Mom: “What itches?”
BigZabba: through tears, “My foot!”
Mom: “Why don’t you itch it?”
BigZabba: full of frustration, “I can’t!”
Mom: “Why?”
BigZabba: “Because I have socks on!”
I had to stifle my laughter and take her sock off to itch her foot. Then it was another round of good-nights, kisses and hugs, and then finally sleep.

Was this another attempt at manipulation so she didn’t have to go to sleep? Who knows!

LittleZabba is starting to talk! She is cooing and oohing and laughing all the time now She “talks” the most to Daddy and BigZabba. She laughs alot at the sound the packing tape dispenser makes. I think she is just the greatest baby ever!

What are the funny things that she will say? I am sure that together they will keep me entertained for quite some time!