LittleZabba is getting better. She has been fever free for more than 24 hours now. I think we are finally on the up-swing. We can take the quarantine sign off the front door and we can emerge from the hole we have been living in for the last few days…well not really but that is what it feels like! I know that I have felt a little in a fog since I didn’t even realize that it was New Year’s Eve until a little while ago!

All things considered we had a great Christmas. The top gifts this year were:

BigZabba’s insane Polly Pocket set (it has something like 100 little pieces that will be eaten by the vacuum in record time I am sure)

LittleZabba’s baby piano & wagon walker. DaddyZabba got some gadgets for his camera and I got a new camera.

Well all, Happy New Year! See you in 2007.

3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Great pictures! I’m so glad to hear that health seems to be returning to the Zabba home. By the way, I like your (new-to-me) haircut! Very cute.

  2. Hello
    So glad you had a good Christmas celebration, despite health issues. We did too!
    Hope that little Zabba is still temp free!
    A clue to my identity – you saw me during the Christmas season.

  3. Hello to you too anonymous,
    LZ is temp free and is almost 100%. She is still coughing, but that will probably linger for a while. In regards to your identity…I saw a lot of people over the Christmas season, so that really isn’t a very good clue. Maybe you could be more specific.

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