My Only Regret

My Only Regret

I was having a trip down memory lane this week and I came across this memory…my only regret in life…

After a few years of marriage, I don’t remember how many exactly, I had put on a few pounds and I was curious if my wedding dress still fit. So, one day I got out the wedding dress and put it on. I was actually surprised that it still fit. So I was having a little fashion show for myself when I heard what sounded like a truck pull up outside. I looked out the window and saw the FedEx man in front of my house. I started to panic. I was in my wedding dress and the FedEx man was coming to the door. So without really thinking I frantically tried to unzip myself from the cumbersome dress. I got myself out of the dress, but then I realized that not only was the man steps from the door, but I was now naked. I ran to get some clothes, while trying to avoid the windows, and after only 3 rings of the door bell I got to the door. Whew.

After he left I thought about the whole situation again and I wished I would have done things differently. Wouldn’t it have been so great to just answer the door in my wedding dress. I could have answered all flustered, and said something clever like, “Oh I am so glad you are here. I was waiting for this! I can still get there in time!” Oh well, maybe next time.

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