10 thoughts on “Hey You Lurkers..

  1. Ha! Funny! =) I didn’t know it was possible to see when people check your blog.

    I read your post with a guilt-free conscience though. I’m not to blame. =) BUT, I admit that I do check it more than once a day.

  2. Okay, So I told you I read your blog and so now I’m saying “HI!” and…Thanks for coming to scrapbook with me the other night. It was really fun getting to hang out till the wee hours of the morning. I loved getting to see all the pictures of your sweet girls. I also haven’t read your blog in some time and so was catching up just now- the Trader Joe’s story made me laugh out loud!
    Amy VB

  3. i check your blog regularly. I’m a good friend of Susans (i think you already knew I checked though, since I’ve posted comments before). I love the quotes from Big Zabba.

  4. Okay, okay. I am a lurker.
    I am just SO FASCINATED by Big Zabba’s precociousness and await her next adorable comment. Little Zabba stories ain’t too shabby either!

  5. It’s fun to see who’s been on stealth mode, hah? I’m here now too. You’re inspiring me with the AllyZabba products to launch my business online too. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m close.

    How close in age are your girls?

  6. Hey Allison,
    Thanks for commenting! What is your business you want to start? My girls are 3 year apart.

  7. The business I want to start is for girls’ headbands… the ones I’ve typically seen for sale are so frilly and frou-frou, and that’s not me. So I made a few myself for my girls and then had an epiphany that maybe other moms aren’t into frilly and frou-frou either, so I could possibly make and sell them. So far I’ve sold a few to friends, so I’m just trying to convince my husband that I could make a little home business of it. We’ll see! Here’s a pic of an example of a headband (it’s totally simple and nothing much to it, but that’s what I like)


  8. Allison, those are totally cute! I would definitly buy one from you. You are right about a lot of girls’ things being really frilly and a little over the top. Your headbands are very feminine but not too much! I really like them.

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