LittleZabba’s New Tricks and a Big Honor

LittleZabba’s New Tricks and a Big Honor

This has been a big week for LittleZabba. Her list of accomplishments are:

-saying “more” in sign language on a consistant basis during meal times (rather than yelling, pointing and pounding on the table as was her habit before)
-she actually colors, just like her big sister
-stabbed her food with a fork & put it in her mouth (it took a few stabs for her to get the food on the fork, but she did it!)
-it only took 13 months and 5 days, but she is getting a tooth! the very tip of one tooth has poked through the skin.

On to the big honor…my friends, Mr. & Mrs. P are days away from delivering their 3rd child (1st girl) and they asked if I would help in the delivery room. It is such an honor. I am very excited to be able to help and meet their little girl!

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