A Tribute

A Tribute

Pappy’s funeral was a hard yet wonderful time. The service was honoring to him and his life, honoring to my Grandmother, their church and most importantly to the Lord. Pappy lived his life loving people and loving the Lord. That was evident in the stories that were told and by the people who came to say good-bye. He was such a wonderful man that it was/is hard to say good-bye. It really doesn’t seem real that he is gone.

BigZabba helps me remember that we can be sad, but we should also be joyful. In her bedtime prayer the other night she prayed:

Dear Jesus, thank you for my fun day I had today. It is sad that Pappy died, but help us to have joy because we know that he had Jesus in his heart. Amen.

DaddyZabba put together a wonderful slideshow for Pappy’s funeral. I wanted to share it with you.

The beautiful song is “Holy One” by our friend, Becki Ryan.