We just returned from our trip to attend Pappy’s funeral service. There are some things from the service that I would like to post, but those will come later.

While we were there we heard a lot of funny stories and it brought back a lot of memories. Here are some Pappy-isms that have come to me in the last few days…

When we would wake up in the morning he would say “How did you sleep?…With your eyes closed?”

When in the car waiting to turn onto a street he would always help out by telling you when the traffic was clear, he would say, “Nothin’ Big”

One of Pappy’s favorite jokes was, “What’s blacker than a crow? His feathers are. A crow’s not black, his feathers are!”

Pappy loved Marvin Martian and his Space Modulator, from Bugs Bunny. He would walk around and every so often you would hear him say, “Kaboom!” just like Marvin Martian would.

When eating or drinking something he really loved he would say, “That’s powerful!”