The Last Days

The Last Days

It is time to wrap up the Australia trip. (i have been dragging this out for far too long)

After waking up to this on my pillow DaddyZabba was kind enough to allow us to change hotels. Our place wasn’t all that nice to begin with, and he knew that I probably wouldn’t sleep in the bed again knowing that there were probably more hiding in there somewhere. Yes I feel a tiny bit high-maintenance, but this roach was about 3 inches long!

Once the whole room change was settled we had a nice day at the beach followed by a fun dinner right along the water. It was kids eat free night, so we had to go! LittleZabba spilled water all over DaddyZabba’s dinner, but he didn’t like it anyway, so we returned it for something different that he didn’t like either. Now it is his turn to feel high-maintenance!

The following day we packed up and got ready to go home. We took one last walk along the beach before we piled into the taxi and left for the airport. We had a wonderful vacation. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to visit Australia as a whole family.

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