The Winner

The Winner

Today while hanging out with our friend, Erin (she said i could use her name) BigZabba wanted to hear a story about when she was little. Erin told BigZabba about when she and her friend were having a race to see who could climb to the top of a tree first. Erin got to the top first, but her shoelace got caught on the tree branch and she fell through the branches to the ground.

Instead of BigZabba asking if she got hurt, or saying something comforting about her dramatic fall she said,

Well, at least you won.

2 thoughts on “The Winner

  1. OMG I love it! But I look like a boy. A fat boy with big cheeks. And bad hair. Even though he’s a boy.

    Ok whatever.

    ANYWAY… yes, that was a fantastic moment. Well, that and the story about you having a big fat hole in your pants.

    Either/or. 😉

  2. Hilarious! Big Zabba’s comment sort of reminds me of her grandma.
    While watching her younger son play a little league game and making a game saving tackle, which knocked him out by the way – after being reminded that her son was ‘out’ grandma zabba says “yea, but did you see that tackle?”

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