Target Madness

Target Madness

I went in to Target planning on getting Play-doh, that’s all. (that was my first mistake) I walked back to the toy section where I saw madness. I saw women and carts and stuff everywhere. This was the day that Target’s huge 75% off clearance started. I didn’t know this. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn’t think that the women would like me snapping their photo. There were many women who had 2+ carts piled high with a mountain of stuff. So much stuff in fact that their mountain toppled with every turn of the aisle. There was Dora stuff, Diego, Barbie, you name it it was there. All 75% off! It was insane. Stuff that was $10 was now $2, stuff that was $34 was now $10, it was madness. I walked out of target with a little more than Play-doh, but it was too good to pass up.

The whole time I was there I was feeling guilty for participating in this consumer driven machine, especially since I just watched this.

I did however keep my purchases confined to one cart, that counts for something, right?

One thought on “Target Madness

  1. You made my day! I can’t pass up a good deal either. I read your post last night, just before starting the girls P.J.’s and bedtime routine, but when I learned of this fun sale extravaganza, I quickly delegated hubby to finishing the deed solo and I gleefully drove off to Target. I have to admit, I couldn’t quite imagine filling 2+ carts piled with stuff. Even one filled with toys alone struck me as amusing. But fill one I did! To the BRIM! Think of all the birthday parties I’ll now be prepared for. So THANKS for the tip! I, too, DID keep it confined to one cart. (whew!) I’m with you, I think that DEFINITELY counts for something!! 🙂

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