This Date In..

This Date In..

1988 – This is going to be the best 21 Jumpstreet yet! We go to church tonight and mom plays the organ.

1991 – Well, so much has happened! Let me start from the beginning. (Boy name) has a girlfriend now, so the situation with him is just friends. We really don’t talk much anymore. (A different boy name) is a bum! {I wish I could remember why I wrote that. I wasn’t very nice!} It’s like just because we aren’t boyfriend/girlfriend anymore we can’t be friends! {I was only 15 and wasn’t allowed to date, so what was I doing having a boyfriend!?}

1993 – Well, yesterday we were robbed again! This time they took lots of stuff, my stereo, c.d. player, t.v., phone, leather jacket….{I drone on and on listing everything they took}. I can’t believe some stranger was in my house and touched all my stuff. We have an alarm system now so that’s kinda comforting. The thing that is really upsetting is that my scrapbook was in my stereo. All of the things that I wanted show my children are gone! All my certificates, piano stuff, diplomas, pictures, cards. All of it’s gone. That makes me very sad! Sorry kids! {Look at me looking out for my kids 9 years before they were born!}

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  1. Oh I love these posts!!!! So fun to read your thoughts from years ago. Oh how I wish I had been the faithful journaler you were.

    It ALWAYS cracks me up how much you wrote about boys!!!!! hahahaha =) I get such a kick out of that.

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