Dr. Cook

Dr. Cook

Dr. Cook, the former President of Biola University, passed away on Friday, April 11. I didn’t know him very well. My sister wrote a fun memory of him, which I wish I remembered, but I don’t. I really only remember that when I did spend time with him I was a little scared of him. He was so tall, and his voice was so deep, but it was his eyes that really got me. They were the bluest I had ever seen. I remember calling him “Mr. Bue Eyes”. His passing was so sudden that it is a little shocking. I am sad for his family. I know he will be missed.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Cook

  1. We were blessed to have him as our president. In these times where it seems like there are so many leaders who have fallen and led many astray, I have an even greater appreciation for leaders like Dr. Cook: men who loved the Lord, served Him whole-heartedly, and were full of integrity. Integrity seems like it’s becoming more and more rare these days!

  2. I was reading your sister’s comments about the interview and thought how smart you were to keep silent. Her response landed dad the job and both of you got a quality education!!! You’re no dummy!!

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