Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

ShaSha is the greatest. Here are the top ten reasons why my Mother is the best.

In no particular order:

  • She can whip up an amazing 4 course meal out of leftovers and random cans of things found in the pantry.
  • She doesn’t use a book to give the birds and the bees talk, she draws her own pictures.
  • She can make amazing cakes with mayonnaise.
  • She beat breast cancer with amazing determination and without complaining.
  • She can thrown amazing parties and make it look so easy.
  • She really cares about the mundane details of my day, sometimes calling me just to see what I am making for dinner.
  • She makes time for mother-daughter days with my sister and I.
  • She makes time for grandma-grand daughter days with the Zabbas.
  • She lets the Zabbas get up in the middle of the night for an ice cream snack.
  • She lives out her faith in Jesus each and every day.

Happy Mother’s Day Sha! You are the greatest. There are so many more things I could write, the list could be hundreds long. I love you all the stars in the sky and all the sand in the sea. Thanks for being my Mommy!

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Ahhhhhh…..how sweet! You make me sound so good I hardly knew who you were talking about! It is my honor and pleasure to be your mommy and the Shasha for your girls. I love you!

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