Revlon Run

Revlon Run

We had a great time this morning at the Revlon Run. The morning started out with realizing that our stroller had a flat tire, but we had to walk past a gas station to get to the start line, so we quickly filled the tire with air and were back on track. There were so many people there it was unreal. It was amazing to see how many participants were running in support or in honor of someone. There were several celebrities that were there, but the one that tickled my fancy was Tom Selleck.

After all the celebrity introductions and the many thank you’s the race was finally underway. We ran about half of the race. The girls had fun running with the crowds and being a part of the event. LittleZabba kept saying, “I runnin in a race! I runnin for ShaSha.” She was having a blast. The race ended on the field in the coliseum. They had a huge jumbotron over the stage, and as we crossed the finish line LittleZabba became famous!

Yes, that is LittleZabba on the jumbotron. There were several people after the race say “Oh there’s the little girl from the screen.” She was very proud of herself.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the run. All the money raised goes towards cancer research. Hopefully we won’t have to add any names to the “In Honor of” section next year. We just might make this a yearly event in the Zabba home, so if anyone wants to join us, mark your calendar for next year!

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  1. What a tribute for Mother’s day to have my Zabba family run for me and in memory of those who went on to Glory. Bigzabba looked so tired on your shoulder and little Zabba was her cute perky self even after “runnin”. Next year….I’m runnin with you! Thanks for the tribute and all the energy it took. I love you all.

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