The Rain and the Rainbow

The Rain and the Rainbow

For the past two days my heart has felt conflicted. I learned a few days ago that an online friend, Heather, who is 3 weeks from her due date, found out that her baby boy no longer has a heart beat. My heart grieves for her as she and her husband and children have to walk this dark and narrow road. My heart is also joyful with how the online community has come together to support Heather in her time of need. The community has raised sufficient funds to have meals delivered to her home for several weeks. How wonderful is it that we can care for those whom we have never actually met in person. While I wish that I lived close enough to take a meal to her, hug her, play with her kids for the day, I can donate money for a meal. This is being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Please pray for Heather, specifically for tomorrow as she is induced. It will be a long and emotional day for the family.

3 thoughts on “The Rain and the Rainbow

  1. Wow, I spent a little time reading her blog just now. She has a beautiful perspective. What a heartbreaking time. I’m glad you posted this so we could all be praying – especially for today.

  2. What a woman! I could never imagine (with 28 days left here) how I might respond to the same situation. Thank you for sharing her story.

  3. It’s encouraging to see how you are not only loving a woman in a difficult time, but inspiring others to do the same. Well done mi amiga.

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