With This Ring

With This Ring

I just read a very interesting and thought provoking article in the Christian Examiner. It is about a woman who decided to sell her wedding ring to raise money to build a well in an African village. She has since started a non-profit organization called, With This Ring. On their website it says,

There is something so personal about my wedding ring. It is such a precious and special symbol to me. But what is more important? What do you think?

3 thoughts on “With This Ring

  1. D’s mom did this when she was younger… late ended up wishing she had a wedding ring. Five years ago her husband replaced it with a rock the size of Texas. Don’t know that that means anything, except it relates. 🙂 Still can’t figure out dinner.

  2. I agree – your wedding ring is more than a material possession – it’s memories. I agree – making sure people have water to drink is worth more than any material possession. My thought? Send the amount of money your ring would be worth for drinking water and keep the ring and the memories.

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