More LZ Fun

More LZ Fun

Today LittleZabba and I went with some friends to Kidspace Children’s Museum.  We had a terrific time.

They have several climbing towers, lots of interesting bugs to look at, they even have a large bee hive.

One of the climbing towers is super crazy tall (40 feet tall actually), and LittleZabba went all the way to the top.  She was very proud of herself when she came down.  Outside are many water areas to play in, a water symphony area, and even a river to play in.  LittleZabba ran from one thing to the next.  It was almost overwhelming there were so many fun activities to choose from.  I think we will definitly have to go back.  I am sure BigZabba will love it!

2 thoughts on “More LZ Fun

  1. What a fun day it was! We’d love to go back with Big Zabba and do it again. I didn’t realize that climbing tower was 40 feet tall… wow! You got some great pictures. : )

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