On Friday LittleZabba had her follow up appointment with the allergist.  As it turns out, thankfully she isn’t really allergic to anything.  The doctor skin tested her for all the foods that she had reacted to, and amazingly she didn’t react to any of them.  So the next step was to have her eat the foods, in small quanities to gauge her reaction.  She had a small reaction to one of the foods, and when the doctor saw the “reaction” that happened she concluded that it probably is not a food allergy, just an irritant.  The doctor said that she might be a kid that is sensitive to certain things, but she does not  believe that an allergy is present.  Yeah!  No more label reading!  Bring on the natural colors and flavors.  Hello goldfish crackers…we have missed you!

4 thoughts on “Allergy?

  1. Hurray for no allergies!!! I’m so glad you don’t have a lifetime of dealing with that! Cheers to a cup of goldfish! =0)

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