AllyZabba is all over the place today!  It is an exciting day.

AllyZabba was featured on Baby Wears Prada.  Shanna says,

We have tons of blankets. Big ones, little ones, stroller size, lovey size, thick and thin. Nothing compares to our AllyZabba! These are the softest, plushest, most cuddly blankets I’ve ever felt!

The MegaZabba was also featured in the online magazines, Tot Trends Weekly and Kids Trends Weekly.   They say,

Gorgeous chocolate plush fabric on one side and your choice of blue aloha or choco-dot as the reverse side print. Cover up the whole family while watching the tube…ya, it’s that big!

The popuar review blog, We Covet, gave their thoughts on AllyZabba.  We are thrilled with their opinion!

OMG, this blankie is so soft that I often consider snatching it out of my child’s chubby sweet fingers and bleating “MINE!”  Which begs the question: Is 33 too old to have a lovey?