6 Years Old

6 Years Old

I cannot believe that BigZabba is now 6 years old.  How fast the years have gone by.  Her day began with a donut for breakfast, then followed with…receiving the citizenship award at school, playtime with her friends, a game of bowling (complete with a bowling pin from the alley signed by her friends), her dinner of choice (mac & cheese, fruit salad, orange juice & strawberry cake), gifts, a Barbie movie, and concluded with 5 of her friends attemping to sleep in her room.  It has been a full day.

My parents always said that once I had my own children I would understand how fast time passes.  I am starting to understand that.  The past 6 years have just disappeared.  I can so vividly remember the day she was born, her 1st birthday, the first day of school…it all passes so fast.  BZ has grown into such a lovely girl.  I am so proud of her.  She is developing into a person of character.  She has such a sensitive heart.  She is kind, generous, and even a bit ornrey at times.  I love her with every fiber of my being.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  Have a happy 6th birthday.

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  1. Oh what a fun day for a super fun kid. I wish our girls lived closer together. I think Savannah would dig BZ.

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