Having Fun

Having Fun

We have been having a nice vacation.  During a fever free time yesterday we got outside and played in the snow.  We threw snowballs, did some sledding, and even did a little slipping on the ice.

After sledding everyone had a nice rest time.  When the girls got up, guess what…they both had a fever again!  For the rest of the afternoon we sat on the couch, cuddled in the blankets, played Webkinz and watched I Love Lucy.  It is amazing what a little TLC and some Webkinz will do for your attitude.

As apart of this trip we are celebrating BigZabba’s birthday.  One of her favorite things to do is visit the zoo.  We spent some time this morning walking around Moonridge Zoo.  BigZabba’s favorite animal at the zoo today was the chinchilla, and the screech owl.  LittleZabba’s favorite animal at the zoo was the mule deer.

The bald eagle was very impressive.

The screech owls were really cute.  They almost didn’t look real.

BigZabba is quite the photographer.  She must get her eye from her Dad.

It was nearly snack time and LittleZabba was getting cranky.  Time to go.