Time Away

Time Away

We took a few days off and headed out of town.  It has been an interesting 24 hours.  It started with LittleZabba complaining of a stomach ache and being tired. Just as quickly as she felt bad, she suddenly was better and ready to play.

A little while later BigZabba complained of a headache and a stomach ache.  About one hour later, she “tossed her lunch”.  Not long later they went to bed.  We hoped that they would sleep it off and when morning came everyone would be 100% again.

Morning is here and as I write this the girls are outside playing in the snow!  They are feeling much better and we are looking forward to a fun day.

We got out a sled and had fun sliding down the street over and over again.  The girls are spoiled living where we live.  They aren’t used to real cold weather.  The quickly grew tired of cold hands, feet, noses..and they were ready to get back in the house.  We warmed up by the fire with some hot chocolate.  It is amazing how relaxing it is to sit by a crackling fire, drinking hot chocolate, looking out over snow covered ground.  It has been a lovely morning.

4 thoughts on “Time Away

  1. Ho, Ho Ho!!!!! It is looking alot like Christmas up in them thar hills!! If only you could remember your childhood days on Dry Hollow Road in good ole PA when we had huge snowfalls. It’s so great for the girls to experience that season.

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