I know it has been a while since I posted.  I am in a blog funk.  I don’t know what to write about.  I could write about the mundane details of each day, but I sure you don’t really want to read about who ate what, where we went, and what chores need done.

Anyone have any thoughts?  Any questions for me?  Like who was my first kiss?  (it was Hi-Lut when I was maybe 6)  My favorite article of clothing?  (new socks, in case you wondered)  I have read lots of blogs lately that have an “ask me anything” post.  I guess this is mine.  Anyone want to play along?

5 thoughts on “Bueller?

  1. What would your ideal Saturday look like? assuming the kids cooperated exactly as you requested. and assuming you used the day for FUN and not duty. what would you do?

  2. Here’s a list of questions. The last one is my top choice. =)

    What’s a good book you’ve read?

    What’s an easy meal you fix?

    What’s a favorite restaurant?

    What’s something you enjoy about Allyzabba?

    What’s a delicious food you’ve had recently?

    Name an author you enjoy reading.

    How did you come to know Christ?

    What things have surprised you about being a mom? What’s been easier/harder than you expected?

    What were the other name options you had for the girls (both girl/boy names.)

    * Write a post about the differences and similarities you see in the personalities of BZ and LZ?

    No excuses for not posting now!!! =)

  3. Your friend’s name is spelled “Hai Luat”…his sisters were Hai Ti and Hai Kam.
    Yes you were and probably still are a sock person. That’s because your mom was and is a shoe person. You got the foot thing but for socks!

  4. what are you gifting this year? 😉 and how much do you miss me????
    [hint: i miss you a LOT.]

    ooh! and would you ever consider moving to indiana to live in a warm toasty log cabin and eat marshmallows with your bffs? 😉

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