Answer Time

Answer Time

Here we go….

What’s a favorite restaurant?

I don’t have a favorite.  I have recently realized that I really love Chinese food.  Put me in a Chinese restaurant and I am happy.  I also really love California rolls…that is as sushi as I get.

What were the other name options you had for the girls (both girl/boy names.)

Emily was my top choice, but DZ wouldn’t go for it.  We also considered Michelle as a middle name for BZ.  For a few weeks (before she was born) we had named LZ, Madelyn. For boys I liked William, Caleb and Reid.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about parenting?

I love the hugs and kisses, the spontaneous gestures of love.  I love it when they run to me and hug me like they haven’t seen me in years.  I love the snuggles before bed, the funny things they say.  I love the conversations that BZ and I have about God.  I love seeing them develop their own relationships outside of me.  I love seeing them work together on a project, I love seeing them love each other.  I love seeing the light click on when they understand.  I really don’t like the whining and the complaining.  I don’t like having to teach the same things over and over again. (it really isn’t smart to run crazy in the parking lot…you should probably pay attention)  I don’t like the discipline part.  I don’t like having to explain the hard things in life…why some people say mean things, why some friends do mean things, some things aren’t fair.

what are you gifting this year? 😉 and how much do you miss me????

Erin, if I told you that it would ruin the surprise for those getting the gifts.  =)  and I miss you all the stars in the sky and all the sand in the sea, all the bones in my body, all the hairs on my head, all the grass in all the yards between CA and IN…need I go on?

Name an author you enjoy reading.

I have enjoyed Francine Rivers, but it has been a long time since she wrote a new book.  It has also been a while since I read a book just for fun.  Any suggestions?

What’s something you enjoy about Allyzabba?

I have really enjoyed getting to know other women with businesses.  It is a crazy learning process.  It is fun to see their businesses grow and change.  An added bonus is a whole new set of stores that I love to shop in!

Thanks for playing along.  I really didn’t think anyone would have anything they wanted to know.  I will work on the post about the difference in BZ and LZ’s personalities.  I have to put some thought into that one.  Good night!