Today LittleZabba turned 3 years old.  We had a small birthday party for her yesterday.  The day started out with dreary clouds and rain, but by the time the first guests arrived the sky was blue and the ground was mostly dry.  The kids, and even some adults, had fun in the boucer…even though it was a little damp inside.  We feasted on carne asada tacos prepared by DaddyZabba himself!  We ate, we played, we opened gifts and we sang.  It was a really fun day.

We wanted to make today special for her, since today is her actual birthday.  LittleZabba is a huge fan of balloons, so last night while she was sleeping we filled 45 helium balloons and filled her room.  This morning she woke up and came in our room and said,

Daddy, my woom is full ov bawoons.

The fun activity tonight before going to bed?  Popping all the bawoons.

Happy Birthday Sweet LittleZabba.  Your smile can light up any room, brighten my gloomy days and bring joy to my heart.  You are a gem.  I love you!  Happy 3rd Birthday!

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  1. Cute party! She’s such a doll! Glad she was still able to have a party even though its so close to Christmas! She’ll cherish that as she gets older!

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