This is our second year of using our Advent Calendar.  The girls have really enjoyed participating in the activity of the day, whether it is reading a part of the Christmas story from the Bible, singing a song, or reading a book.  In thinking about advent today,  I had a funny memory.

I think I was about 7 years old, maybe 8, and my Mom and I were at the home of one of my classmates, who happened to by my first “crush”.  Our Moms were friends, so they were chatting about something so Kent and I played in his room.  Hanging on his door was an advent calendar.  There was a little pocket for each day and in each pocket was one of those candies wrapped in the red and green paper to make it look like a strawberry…I can’t remember what those are called.  Well I wanted a candy so I asked Kent if I could take one.  I guess without thinking he said yes.  So I grabbed it and popped it in my mouth.  At that moment he realized that I had taken a candy from the calendar and he panicked.  He really started to freak out and I thought I was going to get in trouble.  I told him that we always had candy in the car so I would go get him one to replace the candy that I ate.  I went down to our Buick and started searching frantically for a butterscotch candy.  We seemed to have those in the car for some reason.  I couldn’t find one.  I remember he was crying now and he ran to tell his Mom.  I really thought I was going to get in a lot of trouble.  His Mom quickly calmed him down and showed him that she had more and she gave him one to replace the one that I ate.  I so vividly remember the panic I felt that she was going to be mad that I ate the Advent candy.  Everytime I see those strawberry candies I think of Kent and the advent calendar incident.

2 thoughts on “Advent

  1. Thanks for the memory. I do remember that log house in the woods, you and Kent off by yourselves and how upset you were…..but I didn’t realize the whole story until the next day. You were always so good at giving me the detail delayed just a bit. Hmmm…maybe you were delaying the paddle in the drawer of the kitchen. You didn’t get spankings did you??? They were strokes of love….right?

  2. Hey, I just got a card from your mom and she told me how to read your story. I remember having Advent Calendars for a number of years, but really don’t remember this – interesting, isn’t it, how some memories seem so vivid?! I’m glad i didn’t go raving mad over the candy!
    I’m happy to still consider your mom my friend, and glad we take time now and then to stay in touch!
    Happy New Year. lorna

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