Last week BigZabba made a Blessing Box in her Sunday School class.  Each morning she has been so excited to pick a new blessing.  Yesterday her blessing was

Be a blessing today by writing a letter to someone who is lonely.

She decided to write a letter to Mommom, her great Grandmother.


I love her sensitive heart.  I hope that is something that she never grows out of.

Here is the translation in case you cannot read it:

Dear Mommom,

I know it is hard to be alone.  I hope that someone will comfort you.  I love you a whole bunch and I will never stop loving you.  I hope a lot of your friends can take some time out of their day to spend time with you.  I also hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day.  I hope you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends.  I hope you have fun on Valentine’s Day.  I hope you are feeling okay on Valentine’s Day.  I hope that you are not hurt.  I would like to come to your house someday.

By: BigZabba

She drew an angel who is saying, God has risen from the dead.

p.s. I love you.