While stopped at the gas station yesterday a woman approached me.  She was talking so quickly that at first I thought she was asking directions.  I started asking her some questions about where she needed to go and then I realized she was asking for money for gas.  She kept saying over and over again ,

I only need $10, I have a 2 hour drive, I just need $10 for gas, no one will help me.  Please I just need $10 for gas.

Feeling compassion for her I looked in my wallet and I did not have a ten dollar bill to give her.  She saw that I had a twenty dollar bill and she said that she would go break it and return with my change.  For some reason I didn’t like that plan and I told her that I couldn’t help her.

Really?  Please?

Then she walked away.  I felt bad, but I started rationalizing that she probably didn’t need gas.  She just wanted money.

From the backseat I heard LittleZabba say,

Mommy, you should help her.  You can help her.  Why aren’t you helping her?

I watched her as she walked from car to car asking everyone for gas money, and everyone was saying no.  She looked so sad.  Out of desperation she came back to me and only said, Please?  LittleZabba was right, I can help her and in that moment I felt that I should help her.  So, I gave her the $20 and told her to keep it.

I was done getting gas and I really wanted to stay and watch her to see what she did.  Did she get in her car and drive off?  Stay and continue to ask for money?  Pump gas into her car?  But, I said a prayer for her and we went on our way.  LittleZabba said,

I am glad you helped her Mom.

I believe that the Lord used LittleZabba to move my heart so that I would help her.  I pray that I don’t miss those opportunities to be compassionate and help those that the Lord puts in my path.