So Many Questions

So Many Questions

BigZabba can go deep.  While on a walk our conversation started out light and ended at crazy deep.  Follow me down this bunny trial of thought….

A friend from church recently learned that he had a brain tumor.  He had surgery last week, and we had been praying for him.  BigZabba asked,

Why did Mr. J get sick?

I told her that since our world is not perfect, sometimes people get sick.  She took that and heard, people get sick because they sin.  So, with a little back tracking I tried to explain that God does not punish our sin with sickness.  We talked about how the world at one time was perfect, the way God planned, but Adam & Eve made a bad choice, so the world isn’t perfect anymore.

If the world was perfect, why did God allow Adam & Eve to make bad choices?

Good question little 6 year old.  Enter Satan into the conversation and how he influenced Eve to doubt what God had told her.  Her next question was,

Who is Satan?

Now, try to explain how Satan is a fallen angel, who used to be in heaven with God, but then he made bad choices, so God told him he had to leave, because heaven cannot have sin in it.  Now her mind is thinking about how sin gets into heaven.  She asked me,

What would happen if someone asked Jesus into their heart, just so when they got to heaven they could cause trouble, like Satan did?

I told her that God does not allow sin in heaven, so (i don’t know how theologically correct this is, but i was doing my best) I told her that before you go into heaven God looks inside your heart and takes away all the sin, so that you cannot take any of it inside heaven with you.  If that wasn’t enough for her mind to handle, her next question threw me.

If heaven is perfect, how was Satan able to be bad?

That one, I don’t really know.  Now to come full circle she says,

I wish Satan hadn’t made those bad choices, than Mr. J wouldn’t be sick.

Yeah, me too BigZabba.