Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me

For several months I had been trying to figure out something that LittleZabba and I could do together.  I looked into several classes, music class, art class, Gymboree class…they were all so expensive.  A woman that lives down the street from us teaches a Mommy & Me class, but again it was just so expensive.  I looked into our local adult school and they have a Parent Education program, which is just like the Mommy & Me class taught by our neighbor.  Since it is run through the school disctrict it is very reasonable.  It is only $46 per semester.  What a deal!  We attend class once a week for 3 hours.  It is a lot of fun.  We have met some new friends that are LZ’s age, which is great since nearly all of LZ’s friends are older.  Every week there is a “show and tell” time, reading time, craft/learning time, play time and snack time.  During the kid’s snack and play time the Mom’s go in another room for a speaker or a discussion of some sort.

Some of LittleZabba’s favorite activities so far are; finger painting and making secondary colors.  She loves share time too!

So if you are looking for a fun, inexpensive class, check into your local adult school and see if they have any parent education courses.  It is a great, inexpensive, fun activity to do with the kids.



3 thoughts on “Mommy & Me

  1. great thinking, J!
    I hadn’t thought of that.
    remind me to talk to you about the solution I just found for our kiddos.
    we need to get together soon….

  2. I’ve been doing Mommy and Me with Sara since she was about 4 or 5 months old. It’s just $30 per 10 weeks and so fun! 🙂

  3. How fun for you and Little Z to spend time one on one. I wish that there would have been something like that when you were little. but we had our own one on one time at home and outside.

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