God Cares

God Cares

For the past several weeks our pastor has been speaking about how God cares about our hearts.  He cares about the little things in our lives that make us who we are.  He cares about the big things in our life that have shaped us.  I do know that God cares about me, even the little things, but it still takes me by surprise when I actually see that He cares.

Sunday morning we woke up and I was really struggling to come up with something to feed the family for breakfast.  We had run out of nearly everything.  Crumbs in the cereal box, very little milk, no eggs, one piece of bread, no yogurt…what to do?  I went out to get the paper while I tried to come up with a plan.

This is what I saw:cereal

God really does care about the little things…even breakfast.  How often do you get cereal with your morning paper on the morning that you don’t have anything in the house to feed the kids?!  I laughed as I walked in the house with the paper and breakfast.

4 thoughts on “God Cares

  1. Very cool! I think it’s good to credit little “gifts” like this to Him like you did here – because I think the tendency is so often to just think, “how great! what a coincidence! what luck!” I’d like to recognize His hand in more of the little things that I let slip by me. Thanks!

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