We Love Stellan

We Love Stellan

It is strange how you can feel so close to a family and you haven’t even met them.  Through MckMama’s blog we have been following Stellan’s family since before he was born.  Stellan holds a special place in our hearts.

We pray for you Stellan.  We love you and want you to get better soon.  BigZabba and LittleZabba pray for you everyday.  They talk about how Jesus is a good guy and he will make you better.  Hugs to you and your awesome Mama Daddy!


This photomosaic was made by DZ with 463 photos from Stellan’s name gallery.

5 thoughts on “We Love Stellan

  1. Was that an allyzabba blankie I saw on Stellan today? Very cool photomosaic as well. He’s grabbed a hold of my heart too. Praying with you.

  2. (Just getting back from vacation finally checking in again…) Yes, he did look SUPER cute with that super lucious allyzabba blankie. 🙂 I just made Stellan’s name gallery too. Christian recording artist, Rachael Lampa sang at our church last Sunday and I had her take a photo with Stellan’s name. (She wanted me to be in the photo with her.) 🙂

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