MckMama Rocks It

MckMama Rocks It

Yesterday, MckMama tweeted about our coupon for Stellan.  I have never had so many blog visitors.  Pretty crazy!  She has over 8,000 twitter followers.  It is fantastic that she has this much support from the blog-o-sphere!

picture-11This is my stats graph from yesterday.  All the little dots that look like zero, those days ranged from 20-40 visitors.  Yesterday, we were at 2,336.

In just a few hours yesterday, we raised $184 for Stellan’s fund.  Keep it coming!

2 thoughts on “MckMama Rocks It

  1. I came here from her tweet and WOW! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website background. I could just stare at it forever. Guessing I’m gonna like whatever else I find on your site. I’m so excited to check it out!

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