My First Friend

My First Friend

Today is the birthday of my very first friend.  I love her more than any other friend.  I know that she hasn’t had the most celebrated day today, but I hope that she knows that she is loved like no other.  She is celebrated everyday in the sacrifices that she makes for her family.  Her husband and her children adore her.  She is generous with her time, talents and with her heart.

Happy Birthday to my amazing Sister.  I love you.


4 thoughts on “My First Friend

  1. Wow, I just posted about my sis too (April 17 birthday!) and then came here and saw this. =) Very sweet post and pic!!! There’s NOTHIN’ like a sister!!!

  2. I wasn’t able to see your blog on my iphone so I’m catching up. THis is my mostest favoritess picture of you two girls. It was taken in our first house in dry hollow, PA in the kitchen. IT was a fun moment and continues to be a fun relationship for you two. It brought back memories and some tears to my eyes. Yes….she is a great sister but then so are you!

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