May 9, 6am – Wake up and get everyone ready for the Revlon Run.

7:15am – Out the door, on our way for a morning of running and fun time!


8:45am – Let the race begin.  There are lots of people, but that makes the energy really fun.  The girls are super excited.  The gun sounds, the confetti flies!  Here we go!


8:49am – Agressive running man doesn’t watch where he is going and completely bowls over LittleZabba, sending her smashing face first into the street, which causes her two front teeth to chip, become incredibly loose, and bleed for the next hour.  (he didn’t even stop long enough to properly apologize.)

8:50am – 10:00am – Carry LittleZabba the 3 miles since she is so scared that someone else is going to run into her.  Talk with the first aid volunteers and an EMS worker to see if we should go to the dentist.

10:05am – Cross the finish line and receive our medals.  Yeah!



10:30am – Get in the car to head to our friend’s house for a birthday party.

11:15am – Finally exit the parking lot.

1:00pm – Arrive at the party.

1:00pm – 3:30pm – Food, playtime, see some baby crows, chase some chickens, cake, ice cream, pinata & candy!







3:42pm – Feed the turtles, BigZabba attempts to keep the dog from eating the turtle food & Snap!  BigZabba gets bit in the face by said dog.


3:43pm – 4:00pm – Clean up the wound, comfort the crying child, call the Doctor to see if stiches and/or antibiotics are needed, they are not.


4:02pm – 5:00pm – Playing continues as if nothing happened.  Mom and Dad try to recover from the adrenaline rush.

5:15pm – Pile in the car to head home.

7:20pm – Finally home after enduring the 405.

May 10, 6:30am – Kids are awake. LittleZabba’s teeth are sore, but not as loose as yesterday.  BigZabba has a pretty purple & slightly swollen face, but it is not as bad as we anticipated. Everyone is on the mend!

6 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. OHMYWORD. Just reading this post leaves me feeling exhausted. You all must have just passed out when you got home. And the kids didn’t even let you sleep in! Poor LZ. AND BZ.

    Well I’m glad the day still had many fun moments and you didn’t let the accidents spoil it. =) And thanks for doing the run!!! Very special!!

  2. dfm – yes it was the same dog that bit miley! =( but, he was taken to a shelter last night. the owners decided he was not safe to keep around. we are sad for them.

  3. What a long, eventful, sad, fun and exhausting day!
    LZ – we’re so glad you’re doing better today – really sorry you got hurt.
    BZ – sorry about the doggy episode – we know how much you love all kinds of animals – even when accidents happen.

    We love you all and will be praying for teeth to firm up and no infections, etc.

  4. Wow Jill, that sounds like a wonderful yet terrible day all in one! Poor babies! Glad to hear they are on the mend though…crazy how resilient kids are!

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