Cartoon Time – Answers

Cartoon Time – Answers

It’s cartoon quiz time.  Ready, let’s roll.

1.  What are the names of the two groups of robots in Transformers?

The Autobots and The Decepticons

2.  Who is the evil sorcerer in The Smurf’s?


3.  He-Man is the alter ego of who?

Prince Adam

4.  He-Man’s twin sister’s name is?


5.  Name this show. – Jem and the Holograms


6.  Bugs Bunny first official appearance was in what? – The Wild Hare

7.  Name this character. – She-Ra


8.  Name this character. – Voltron


9.  Beachhead is a character from what show, and what is his real name?

G.I. Joe / Wayne R. Sneeden

10.  Optimus Prime is the leader of what group and what planet are they from?

The Autobots from Cybertron

Congrats to Melissa for winning the Bob the Builder DVD lunch box set, and to Emily for winning the Bob the Builder Built for Fun DVD.

Thanks for playing!  Your gifts will be in the mail shortly!