Cartoon Time

Cartoon Time

Quiz time once again.  I know you want to play along!

For this quiz we will have two winners!  Our first place winner will receive a Bob the Builder 3-DVD lunch box set.  Second prize will receive Bob the Builder, Built for Fun DVD with a bonus toy truck!  Contest ends on Tuesday, June 30, 3pm PST.  You will be able to see your own comment but not the comments of others!  Have fun.


It’s cartoon quiz time.  Ready, let’s roll.

**note – these are not current cartoons.  these are cartoons i watched as a kid.**

1.  What are the names of the two groups of robots in Transformers?

2.  Who is the evil sorcerer in The Smurf’s?

3.  He-Man is the alter ego of who?

4.  He-Man’s twin sister’s name is?

5.  Name this show.


6.  Bugs Bunny first official appearance was in what?

7.  Name this character.


8.  Name this character.


9.  Beachhead is a character from what show, and what is his real name?

10.  Optimus Prime is the leader of what group and what planet are they from?

3 thoughts on “Cartoon Time

  1. Wow – I’d love to play cause the prizes are way cool but I don’t know the answer to even one of the 10 questions – guess I’m just not watching the right shows these days. Now ask me a question about House Hunters or PGA golf and I might have a chance.

  2. 1. Autobots and Decepticons
    2. Gargamel
    3. Prince Adam
    4. She-Ra
    5. Jem
    6. A Wild Hare (1940)
    7. She-Ra
    8. Voltron
    9. G.I. Joe; Hector X. Delgado
    10. Autobots; Cybertron

  3. okay, here goes:

    1. Autobots and Decepticons
    2. Gargamel (almost said Azriel but that’s his cat)
    3. Prince Adam
    4. She-Ra (can’t remember her “real” name)
    5. Jem, I’m pretty sure
    6. Dunno.
    7. She-Ra, Princess of Power!
    8. Dunno.
    9. Dunno.
    10. Autobots, Cybertron

    Eh, not too shabby…I’m just lucky my 3-year-old has developed an obsession with Transformers lately.

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