5 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. Aren’t swimming lessons fun? They’re doing amazingly well! What a fun summer you guys are having. Sophie does the swimming once a week; we go today. I’ll hear protesting for the hour before hand, tell her she doesn’t have to swim if she doesn’t want to, that she can just watch. Then we’ll get there, and she’ll be the first one in the pool and tell the teacher she doesn’t need any help she can do everything all by herself. Funny. I love your entry on LACMA – I’m going to see if any of the museums in our area have anything going on for kids, thanks for the idea!

  2. Good job girls – you can both swim better than me. Keep up the good work. What a beautiful backyard someone has.

  3. It looks like the fear has gone away and they are really enjoying the water. IT’s great to see both of them doing so well.

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