Cloudy Premier

Cloudy Premier

Yesterday we were able to attend the world premier of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We are so proud of the work that DZ and all the crew did. The movie looks fantastic & the story is quite fun. Fantastic job everyone!


Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller with Bill Hader (Flint) and Anna Faris (Sam Sparks)

James Caan (Tim – Flint’s dad) and Mr. T (Earl) talking to the press on the red carpet.

The jello palace was pretty fun! The girls kept wanting to poke it.

The directors gave their “thank-you’s” before the movie began.

The Zabba’s and Mr. T! The hightlight of the afternoon! “I pity the fool!”

The director’s toast at the after party.

Neil Patrick Harris (Steve the Monkey) and Mr. T (Earl) talking with Phil Lord at the party.

Mike Kurinsky- art director, Chris Miller- director, Justin Thompson- production designer, DZ- visual effects supervisor, Phil Lord- director

Well done everyone.

Enjoy. September 18 at a theater near you!

5 thoughts on “Cloudy Premier

  1. Great photos – and a husband and daddy to be proud of – not just because of what he does but because of who he is.
    So fun that your whole family is able to attend these fun events.

    We’ll make every attempt to see the movie next weekend – if we can squeeze it in with the women’s retreat – no small feat.

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