Farm Town for Real

Farm Town for Real

This is going to be scattered & random, but bear with me, I do have a point.

I have said it before, and here I am saying it again, I enjoy playing Farm Town on Facebook. I know it is silly, and I know that it is nonsense, but I enjoy it.

For the last several months our family has sponsored Nancy, a little girl in 3rd grade who lives in Uganda, Africa. A group from our church has made several trips to Uganda and they have been able to meet with Nancy, and the other sponsored children from our church. The woman who has lead these trips has a passion for helping the children of Africa. That passion has lead her to start a non-profit called, Mercy’s Village International, named after her sponsored child, Mercy. To quote Jeami,

Mercy’s Village International is an organization dedicated to fighting poverty through the education of children and the empowerment of girls and young women.

In order for the children to be educated they need a school. Before they can have a school, they need land. That is where Farm Town comes in. Here is a chance to use all those farming skills we have learned, and choose a virtual plot of plowed land and buy it.
They need 100 people to donate $100 to buy a plot and these children can be that much closer to an education. Want to double your money? During this month, every $100 that comes in will be matched. Your $100 will turn into $200.

This is the time. Skip Starbucks for a few weeks, choose one “extra” to do without this time, and help Mercy’s Village buy some land. It’s time to rally community.

Happy Farming.