On December 19 my Grandmother, Mommom, went to be with Jesus. I don’t even know what to say. We knew that this was coming, but it still feels like it isn’t real. My parents and my Sister were at her side when she met Jesus. I can only imagine the happy reunion she had with Pappy. She missed him so much, so it makes me smile to think that they are together once again. She is going to have the most wonderful Christmas this year.

Mommom was such a wonderful Grandmother. She taught me to love the country life, how to make an angel food cake, however mine never come out as amazing as hers did, we made zillions of pot holders on her homemade loom and she let us pretend she had a restaurant and order through the kitchen window.

I will miss you Mommom. I will miss your phone calls to just say hello, to tell me about the snow, or just to chat. I will miss sitting and watching “Deal or No Deal” with you. I will miss the silly rabbits you would draw at the bottom of nearly every card and letter. I will miss getting Weis angel food cake boxes in the mail. I will miss seeing you roll your hair. I will miss every part of you.

I love you.

Mommom 7