Tribute to Mommom

Tribute to Mommom

Today was our celebration service for Mommom. It was a joyous, emotional day. So many conflicting emotions made the day exhausting. It was wonderful to have our family participate in the service in so many ways. The girls and I read Psalm 91, Sister sang two beautiful songs, Papa shared stories from her life and her legacy, ShaSha played the piano and shared her own thoughts, DZ took care of all the technical aspects of the day; making the program, the video and slides. It was a wonderful tribute to her.

It was also amazing to see how many people came to her service. With it being so close to Christmas and the busyness of this time of year it was a testimony to how many lives she touched in her 88 years with us. She will be remembered, the stories will be told for years to come, and her legacy lives on.

We love you Mommom.

2 thoughts on “Tribute to Mommom

  1. I just sat down and watched this again and the loss is still pretty raw as the tears came flooding and my heart began aching again. But it is such a beautiful tribute to mom and Rob captured so much of who she was. Hate saying “was” but I am comforted knowing that she “is alive” in heaven.

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