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Family is such a precious part of life. I love spending time with my family. We could be cleaning the garage, cooking, shopping, or eating…we love being together. The past month has brought change in my family, with the death of my grandmother, and the next few weeks will bring even more change with my parents moving to Virginia. The days of spontaneous lunch dates, overnights, and shopping trips will be done. Our time together will have to be planned and scheduled. I can’t even imagine what this will be like for us. I have never lived more than 50 miles from my parents, and now they will be 2,649 miles away from me. Good thing we have a good phone plan!!

Change doesn’t have to be bad. This move will bring about new opportunities for my parents as well as new vacation ideas for us. We will be able to take the kids to Williamsburg, Washington, D.C., Jamestown..and many other East Coast places. We may even take our first cross country road trip. If BigZabba has her way she will convince Papa & ShaSha to get horses or chickens!

In the next few weeks they will be packing up their house, and beginning the next season of life. Things will be different, but no matter what we will still be family.

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  1. I LOVE these pictures!! AZ, I had no idea your parents were moving!! =( I’m so sad for you – I know how close you all are to each other. What a great attitude and perspective you have! You are right – it will be different; but different is not always wholly bad. Some things will be hard; some things will be good. It sounds like lots of fun and new experiences await you!

    What a blessing to have such a sweet, fun, and godly family!!

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