World Vision Half

World Vision Half

Last Sunday was the race for World Vision. My running buddy and I got up super early and made our way down to Venice. We made a tentative goal to try to finish the race in 2 hours 15 minutes. We both thought that was not a very realistic goal, but we thought we would give it a try. At 7:13am we were off. The course was very straight forward, a simple out and back. It really wasn’t very scenic…running down Venice Blvd. to the 10 freeway, turn around and come back. We started out entirely too fast, which tends to happen with race day adrenaline and all, but by mile 6 we were both feeling like the race should be over. My running friend, who is the ever present cheerleader, encouraged us along the remaining 7 miles. We finished strong, at only one minute over our goal time.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to World Vision for the race. I am so grateful that I was able to do something fun as well as support a very worthy cause. Many children and families in Africa will now have clean water thanks to your support.