Easter Fun

Easter Fun

On Saturday we took the kids to an Easter celebration at the local John Deere. Only in Virginia could you entertain the whole family at an Easter party…tractors for the big kids, ponies for the little kids.

The girls loved going on a pony ride.

A woman was there doing face painting. She was painting all the kids faces to look like a rabbit. My girls had to be different. They asked for specific things on their face. The woman was happy to oblige. The rest of the kids followed suit and started asking for different things on their faces too.

What would an Easter celebration be without the Easter bunny and an egg hunt. LittleZabba thought the Easter bunny was very funny. She kept following him around saying hi, being silly, waving. It was so funny to watch. The egg hunt was like any other…toe the line, edge up, keep pushing forward, then go! The kids raced off and tried to grab as many eggs as they could.

Once we got home we did a little Easter cooking with ShaSha. We made Easter basket cupcakes. The girls loved being able to decorate their own “basket”.

It was a fun & full day. ShaSha and Papa know how to make memories!