Family Viewing

Family Viewing

Growing up my family would watch TV together. There were many shows that we enjoyed watching together. I should say that my parents seemed to enjoy the shows but I can’t remember actually asking them if they liked them too. Maybe they just tolerated watching with us. Anyway, we would watch Growing Pains, Family Ties, The Cosby Show, Macgyver, The A Team, Airwolf (that one was my absolute favorite!) Silver Spoons and others. The series finale of Growing Pains and The Cosby Show (i think) were on at the same time. I remember my Dad bringing another TV into our front room so we could watch them at the same time. When one had a commercial we would turn that TV down so we could focus on the one show for that 3ish minutes.

I look at the TV shows that are on today and I often wonder what families do. The shows of 25 years ago seem like after school specials compared to the things that are on today. I would like to be able to watch a TV show with my kids that isn’t a cartoon. But that isn’t to be, at least at their current age. I enjoy watching Cake Boss on TLC and if there is an episode that I think the girls would enjoy we later watch it together, and sometimes we catch on episode of 19 Kids and Counting. But other than that there aren’t many live action shows that we will allow the kids to watch.

Do you have any favorite family friendly shows that you enjoy watching as a family?

5 thoughts on “Family Viewing

  1. How about the old Andy Griffith shows? I don’t think any of those would be “out of order” for your family and they’re still on tv.

    You are to be congratulated that you are discerning parents!

  2. What about Little House on the Prarie? That was my favorite growing up. My mom bought the complete DVD series set- for nostalgia more than anything else I think. I’m borrowing it so that my kids and I can enjoy some real quality TV time together.

  3. hayden and i have a weekly date to watch food network challenge and ultimate cake-off (when it’s on). she’s already looking forward to cupcake wars this week.

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