the list

the list

many of my blogging friends have made a life list, their version of a bucket list. a few of them keep telling me that i need to make one. i have been hesitant to write a list because then it seems real, too concrete. if i publish it i might actually have to be accountable to it. there feels like too much pressure if the list is actually out in the open. yet, here i am, beginning to write down the list. it many grow, change or even be deleted if the pressure gets too great. let’s see how many things i get done before that happens.

1. run a marathon
2. learn to drive a motorcycle
3. get a tattoo
4. buy a hotdog from a street vendor
5. run around big bear lake
6. run a half marathon in under 2 hoursOctober 24, 2010
7. have a girl’s vacation to new york city
8. visit forbes top 15 zoos in the world
Animal Kingdom (Orlando, the USA), Basel Zoo (Basel, Switzerland), Beauval Zoo (France), Berlin Zoological Garden (Berlin, Germany), Bronx Zoo (New-York, the USA), Chester Zoo (Great Britain), Prague Zoological Garden (Prague, the Czech Republic), National Zoological Gardens of South Africa (The Republic of South Africa), San Diego Zoo (San Diego, the USA), Schonbrunner Zoo (Austria), Singapore Zoo (Singapore), Smithsonian National Zoological Park (Washington, the USA), Taronga and Western Plains Zoo (Sydney, Australia), Toronto Zoo (Toronto, Canada), Ueno Zoological Gardens (Tokyo, Japan)
9. ride a horse on the beach
10. learn to crochet
11. drive a semi
12. learn to make sushi (at least california rolls)
13. see the broadway perfomance of wicked in san francisco, london and sydney (hope the shows stay there for a while!)
14. buy season tickets the theater
15. start a food fight (got that one from erin.)
16. join a book club
17. understand the stock market
18. swim with dolphins
19. hike through the rainforest
20. learn to make my mom’s cream puffs
21. jump in a pool with my clothes on – 8/17/2010, Orlando, FL
22. buy dinner for a table of strangers
23. attend the pasadena rose parade  – 1/1/2012
24. attend the oscars – 2/24/2013
25. smash an entire set of plates
26. throw a rock through a window
27. ride in a hot air balloon
28. stand at the top of the eiffel tower
29. meet mary stuart masterson to see if i look as much like her as everyone says
30. take a train somewhere
31. visit my friends in indiana
32. host a family reunion in hawaii
33. have a stylist help me buy a new wardrobe
34. fund a charity project
35. swim 2 laps in a pool without stopping
36. watch all the movies that have won an oscar for “best picture”
37. attend a birth
38. visit all 7 continents; north america, south america, asia, africa, europe, australia, antarctica

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  1. LOVE your bucket list! I began mine last week and left it open for additions. I may steal one from you….. learning the stock market is one…need to get to it pronto! Loving your posts! xo

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