Open Letter to the Mean Man

Open Letter to the Mean Man

Dear Mean Man,
Remember that little girl that you knocked over during the Revlon Run last year? That little girl had to spend several months with loose front teeth because you thought it was a good idea to run through the walking group, cut in front of my cute little family and smack right into the back of my adorable then 3 year old. You didn’t stop to help. You didn’t have to listen to her cry. You didn’t have to track down ice to try to stop the bleeding. You didn’t have to carry her the remainder of the 3 miles to finish the race. Here we are more than one year later and guess what, her tooth didn’t heal and now we have to pull it out. My little girl will be front-toothless for more than one year thanks to you. Good thing she has a good attitude about it. Her comments,

That’s ok. I will just get more money from the tooth fairy.

So mean man, next time you are at a race, please watch where you are going, and if by chance you knock over another innocent child in your quest to win the race, at least have the decency to stop and give a proper apology.

The Mother

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Mean Man

  1. If only he would read this post!! But she does have a very sweet attitude. Too bad you didn’t get his running number!!

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